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Questions & Answers

Q. How long will my DVD video take?

A. Once we receive the pictures and get music selections, it will take a maximum of 2 weeks.  For slideshows with a large amount of scanned photos, the process may take longer.

Q. Can you edit my pictures?

A. Certainly! We can lighten or darken pictures to make them much more appealing. We can also alter color in photos to make them black and white or sepia (antique). We can also take out any red-eye and/or sharpen any of your photos. 

Q. How long is a typical video?

A. Most photo video montages are between five and twenty minutes long. This is the perfect length to keep viewers captivated.  Each photo will remain on the screen for about 4-6 seconds each.  Therefore, the number of photos you would like in your montage will determine the approximate length of the video.  It can be difficult to narrow down which photos to use, but we can assist in the choice of which photos work best in the video.

Q. How do I select the music?

A. You should use songs that are meaningful to you and also fits the theme for the montage. We will be glad to help in any song suggestion.  Each photo will remain on the screen for about 5-6 seconds each.  The number of songs needed will depend on the amount of photos you want to use. You can either provide your songs to us on CD or have us purchase them on your behalf for $1 per song (if we dont have the song already).

Q. Will I get my pictures back?

A. Absolutley! Once your pictures are scanned into our system, we will return your photographs along with your DVD Slideshow. We will use extreme care when handling your pictures to ensure they stay in the condition in which we have received them.

Q. Can the slideshow be played on a computer/laptop?

A. Certainly!  Keepsake Creations provides you with a DVD that is compatible in both your home DVD player as well as your computer.  As long as your computer had a DVD drive, you will be able to view your slideshow on it.

Q. Can I get more than one DVD with my order?

A. Yes, each additional DVD is just $5. This includes the custom DVD case and cover.  A great value for gift giving!

Q. Do I pick the picture order?

A. Yes! To do this, use post-it notes and mark the post-its in the order you would like them presented. If you submit them on a CD, DVD or flash drive you can number them, starting with "001" for the first file, "002" for the second file, and so on.  

Q. Can I receive my montage on a Blu-Ray disk?

A. Yes.  Starting in 2013, Keepsake Creations can now produce your montage in both Blu-Ray and on regular DVDs.

Q. Can you transfer my old tapes onto DVD?

A. Yes. Starting in 2013, Keepsake Creations can now transfer your old tapes onto DVD. We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, HI-8, Digital 8 and MiniDv tapes.  This is great way to start enjoying those memories over again.  Tapes we not built to last forever.  Overtime, they become faded and brittle which makes them difficult to watch.  Converting them to DVD will help protect those memories forever.

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